Roger Dean
[ the one with the guitar ]

The Art of Roger Dean

Right, can we get this straight once and for all.

Roger Dean, guitarist, genius that he is, cannot draw a straight line and has never done a cover for any album let alone Yes, Osibisa and Asia, despite what it may say on various sites around the web.

Roger Dean, the other Roger Dean, not this Roger Dean, was asked to comment whether his guitar playing is as good as this Roger Dean's album covers. So far there has been a stunned silence.

Roger Dean on Life

I took my Greyhounds out for a walk, and Poppy (the old girl) was taken short... I always take poo bags just in case, so in itself that was no problem... anyway as I bent down to pick up the poo, my phone fell out of my shirt pocket and buried itself in the poo like an ice axe on top of Everest! Oh how I laughed, what joy! Anyway, the phone is now knackered.... think I'll take it back to O2 and tell them that their phone is a load of crap.Roger

Roger Dean on Groupies

I remember when I was doing New Years Eve, resident at the 'Silver Skillet' restaurant in Maidenhead. Some woman lurched towards me to request a tune, went to whisper in my ear, and chucked down my shoulder... not the best way to chat up a guitar player.Roger

Labi Siffre on Roger Dean

We were in the studio. I think it was one of our first meetings, perhaps the first. I think you were seated, with guitar, and I was either explaining a song or singing a line that I needed you to play or something like that. Anyway, I paraphrase but at some point you said something like "Ah yes, the singing bee" and proceeded to do a very good impersonation of a singing bee. I found this extremely funny at the time and have over the years giggled about it since.

I recall that one reason why it was so funny was that though you often had a mischievous twinkle in your eyes and a witty sense of humour (as I and the band would learn) at rest your face is serious and dignified. The singing bee impersonation was so unexpected and that made it all the funnier.

It was one of those very silly Spike Milligan type moments and I thank you for it.


Roger Dean on Inventing

For some considerable time now, Roger has been mulling over a new invention... automatic dancing trousers for men who can't. The working title for these garments is Electrokeks, or Discokeks for the more powerful model. The stumbling block for both Roger and potential investors has always been the power source which, for longevity and enthusiasm, was deemed to require a 12 volt car battery.

The prototype trousers were equipped with a small wheeled trolley, attached by cables, to carry said battery but this had to be abandoned for health and safety reasons when other dancers were thrown to the ground during one of Roger's more energetic moves.

Version 2 was adapted to carry the power source in a backpack but had a similar effect on other patrons when Roger executed a spin.

Version 3 seemed more promising. By splitting the power source and using two 6 volt motorcycle batteries, Roger was able to place one in a more discreet and therefore less dangerous backpack, and the second in a rather fetching codpiece. Unfortunately the first outing of this garment so terrified the female patrons that the management asked him to leave before they had him arrested.

Roger was asked for an update on progress......

What a great name for a blues band.... Roger Dean's Electric Codpiece!!Roger

The End