Roger Dean
[ the one with the guitar ]

The Dean Sound

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Track One: Concierto de Aranjuez - Recorded Autumn 2007.

My wife Pam wanted this on the site.

Track Two: Georgia - Roger showing off.

I sussed out a different way of playing when I was bored on a world cruise ... right hand thumb plays bass, right hand pinky plays chords, melody is tapped on the neck with right hand index and middle fingers... easy for me because I'm ambidextrous.

Track Three: Medley - Roger and John Dunsterville recorded in the early 80's.

we were fooling around with two acoustic guitars, and I left my tape machine running. I put the strings on years later with my guitar synth.

Track Four: Rocky Top

a little bit of that good ole country sound

Track Five: Shenandoah - Roger recorded in 2005.

This was done after my crash and you can hear that although my brain knows what to do, my fingers wouldn't quite get there in time. Playing much better now though.

Track Six: Spike Island Backstep - Tumbleweeds 1967

'Spike Island Backstep' was made up in the studio for the 'Tumbleweeds' album '67, we were short of a track.