Roger Dean
[ the one with the guitar ]
16 Mar 1943 - 3rd Aug 2008

The Real Deal Dean

Take a quick trip around the web on a hunt for Roger Dean and you could be forgiven for thinking that the guitar maestro was suffering from a split personality. You'll find 'Roger Dean the Musician', 'Roger Dean the artist', 'Roger Dean the footballer' and 'Roger Dean the stadium'! Amongst others.

The only one of these roles that actually fits this Roger Dean like a glove is Guitar Maestro. The others are all a case of mistaken identity. Roger plays guitar and plays it well. One of the top guitarists of the last 50 years in fact.

Search for Nu-Notes, Bluesbreakers and Bluejays amongst others and you'll have the real deal, or should that be the Real Dean.

This site documents Guitarist Roger Dean's amazing career.